Sissies don't care about what others think

Be yourself

Every human on the planet, in the universe, is different. There is only 1 you. Don't let others decide what you can and cannot be. Stop caring about the opinion of others, sissy.  Friends who don't like the real you, are not your real friends. You only have 1 life and you should live it the way you want.  The Sissy Market is more than just a store, we are a safe space and shoulder for everyone who struggles with releasing their true selves.


Why you can trust us:

  • Sissy Joyce tests all our products. 

  • Our team helps and encourages you to be your true self.

  • This is our passion. Our dream, our life; We don't care about profit maximalisation.


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The 7 Easiest Yoga Positions For Beginners

1. Self acceptance

  • Accept who you are
  • Delete all negativity from your life
  • Work towards your goals

You enjoy sissyfication and that is 100% fine! Be proud ! Be different!  If there are people who don't like the real you, they are not yoour real friends. You don't need negativity in your life. Afraid for bad reactions? It takes 2 seconds and 3 mouseclicks to block someone and delete them from your life. Don't let haters win.


  • Always wear panties
  • Feminize yourself
  • Wear girl clothes when you can


  • Build a foundation: set the right sissy goals for you. What are your desires?
  • Build a sissy social media profile: Express yourself online as a sissy.
  • Always wear panties: Be reminded during the days that you are a sissy!


  • Wear girl perfume: Smell nice!
  • Balance: Don't want to be a sissy all the time? Accept that too! Be who you want to be in the moment.

Must Have Products For Beginners

2. Winged Eyeliner

  • Stamp a wing next to your eye
  • Connect it to the edges
  • Color it black

Your eyes are the most important thing for make-up. Learning to draw wings will have a very feminizing effect on your face! 


"Anyone can become a sexy sissy. It isn't about genetics, it is about knowledge and skill"

Sissy Joyce

3. Workout and work on your sissy body!

  • Learn to love running!
  • Eat healthy and feminin
  • Burn calories like a sissy

Running is an amazing sport if you give it a chance. It is great for losing weight without gaining too much muscle mass. The first 5-10 running sessions are uncomfortable. But once you start get trough that, you will start to love it and burn many calories! You will also feel much healthier.

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4. The right chastity cage for the right sissy

  • Comfortable
  • Good looking
  • Perfect fit

The chastity cages we sell on The Sissy market are of high quality. Yes, we are aware that some of our chastity cages are being copied and sold on chinese websites. Beware. These are not the same quality. For example. The Feminizer series can be found on chinese sites as ‘’The Cobra''. They are made from Wax. This often gives bad skin reactions. Our chastity cages are abit more pricy, but they are of higher quality and they are delivered in 1-4 days worldwide! 

5. Get a nice wig!

  • The right color.
  • The right length
  • The right style

Our wigs are high quality wigs. They can last for years and you cannot tell the difference between real hair and our wigs. 

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  • Sissy Jenni

    I love you Joyce you are so sexy and a hero to myself. I’ve been a closet sissy for about 13 years buying all kinds of sexy clothes and toy. Then throw them away and sware off. Just to do it all again I love being a sissy and worshipping cock someday I hope to share it with u and hard cocks love you

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