How to find the correct chastity cage for your sissy

''Chastity is the first and most important step for sissies''

Sissy in chastity

Every sissy belongs in chastity! It makes the sissy feel very submissive and reminds them daily that they are not in control. The longer you wear a chastity cage, the more submissive and horny you become! Finding the right chastity cage for you is a tricky thing. Chastity is very personal! But with some general guidelines and tips from chastity expert sissy joyce, perhaps we can help you find the right chastity cage for you! If your plan is to be locked up in chastity for a longer amount of time, I recommend to find a chastity cage that fits you well and that is comfortable to wear! I have listed a couple of rules, tips and ideas below for you to help you out with finding the right chastity cage for you. I hope it helps you on your sissy journey! If you have any other questions or tips for chastity cages that you believe we should mention, please let us know! We love to talk about chastity and chastity experiences! 

Find the right size chastity cage for you, using this simple rule!

There is no need for complex formulas or measurements. The penis is very flexible and almost every size fits in every chastity cage. However, if you value comfort, it is best to find a size that fits you without much effort. Therefor, we recommend sissy slaves who are looking for a chastity cage to stick to this general rule.
Do you have an above average penis size?
Get a Large or XLarge chastity cage.
Do you have an average penis size?
Get a Medium or Small chastity cage.
Do you have a below average penis size?
Get a Small or XSmall chastity cage.

The right chastity cage for any budget!

At The Sissy Market, we only sell chastity cages that have been tested and aproved by Sissy Joyce. We offer chastity cages for every budget range. The more expensive the chastity cage, the better the quality, safety and comfort of course! For example our beginner chastity cage is very cheap and a good introduction to chastity play, our Vice or Bon4 chastity cages however are for sissies who are looking for a longterm safe and adjustable chastity cage! Our most expensive chastity cage is the Bon4 series. These cages are made from stainless steel but are also highly customizable. They even come with 7 rings! It is the one Sissy Joyce is currently wearing!

At The Sissy Market we also sell a lot of sissy accessoires! These are great aditions for chastity play. For example, some sissy slaves like to wear a belt that keeps their cage tight to their body. Our chastity strap belts are custom made in the Netherlands and are perfect for that! We also have timing locks, other lockpads or even toys to tease you and drive you wild! 

Beware! Once you gave away your chastity keys to a Master or Mistress, you will slowly become more and more submissive! Eventually, you will enjoy the feminization and you willd ive down deep in the rabbit hole untill you are a total sissy slut just like Sissy Joyce! 

Some Masters and Mistresses look at chastity as paying respect to them! For example, for my princess, princess diamonds, it is a requirement to serve her!

Do you need a partner to enjoy chastity? A Mistress or Master to hold your keys? The answer is No!! You can already start your sissyfication training by yourself! A Mistress or Master that comes along your path and knows that you have experience wearing a chastity cage will always be impressed! So it is a good thing to start soon. Besides, there are also multiple exciting chastity games that you can play yourself. You could for example, send your own chastity keys to your own address by mail! That way they are out of reach for at least a couple days. Chastity is a very unique and special thing that will warp your mind and slowly turn you into a submissive sissy slave! After 1 week in chastity you will get very turned on and desperate for release. After 2-3 weeks, you will slowly start to experiment with dildos just to feel something! AFter a month or 2, you will accept that the chastity cage is now part of your little sissy body forever!

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Sissy Joyce :
Princess Diamonds :

Sissy Joyce has been wearing a chastity cage for her entire adult life. She only gets out of chastity for testing other cages for the sissy market and sometimes for cleaning. You can always clean yourself in chastity by using Q-tips to reach the inside of the cage too! Chastity is a very special and interesting tool used by Masters and Mistresses to keep you submissive. If you are a sissy and you fantasize about your first experience with a guy, chastity is also a good idea to keep you in the right mindset! 

Do you have a Mistress or Master that lives on the other side of the planet? You can still mail her your keys or use one of our long distance chastity cages. The Cellmate can be opened and closed with a phone app! Sadly we feel this technology still has some improvements to make but it's still a great chastity cage to test out! 

We have a chastity cage in every size, every material and every style! If you want a feminin looking chastity cage perhaps a pink Vice chastity cage is what you are looking for! Or perhaps you want a tiny chastity cage like the below or above zero versions! If you are a beginner and don't want to spend a lot of money on chastity yet, we recommend our beginner chastity set! We also have chastity training kits that come with very fun and exciting chastity assignments and a couple really cool chastity cages too!


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    I’ve always carved for cock I’ve ridin dildos strap-ons and fingers but I never had a real cock one time when I was younger I did stroke my cousin’s cock and rub the head of it around my lips but never engulfed it to suck on it and I wish I did because that moment on I craved cock big time but couldn’t find anyone to have sex with now much older and I’m dying to get some cock I’m also versatile to

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    I want to get into chastity, but I’m not entirely sure which label to put my size into if it’s average or above average. I’ve tried purchasing a cage and it didn’t work out, I’d like to purchase a perfect cage from you to bring to the table with my wife. What are other ways to find out the right size?

  • Bobbie Jo

    Been wanting to try out wearing a chastity cage and I really want to shrink my little sissy clitty bbb b no small as I can get it to go before I have my testicles removed please any guidance and advice will be greatly appreciated

  • Bobbie Jo

    Been wanting to try out wearing a chastity cage and I really want to shrink my little sissy clitty bbb b no small as I can get it to go before I have my testicles removed please any guidance and advice will be greatly appreciated

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