- How discreet is the webshop?
On the billing page your order will show up as ''S-Market''.
We also specificly ask our suppliers to ship your order in discreet and neutral packaging.

- I only received 1 item when i ordered more products!
Don't worry. The other items that you ordered will arrive aswell! 
It is currently impossible to find 1 supplier who has everything for the awsome but niche sissy fetish, so we work with different suppliers. We have different suppliers for shoes, clothes, toys and so on. Our goal is to use the profit of the webshop, to start buying stock from these suppliers ourselves, so we can ship your entire order in 1 go and offer faster a delivery time.

- What are the free onlyfans subscriptions you get when you buy something?
Onlyfans is a platform for content creators to share their most exclusive content on. To watch their content you are often asked to pay a subscription fee. We work together with different content creators and made it so that you can get a free subscription when you buy something of our store. Making your purchase really worth it! 

- Howlong will it take for my order to arrive?
We offer free worldwide shipping, to keep it as affordable as possible for everyone. Sadly, free shipping also means slightly slower shipping, but we made sure that even our free shipping service is 100% discreet.
Because we ship worldwide it is also difficult to say howlong it will take for your order to arrive. Most of the orders arrive within 7-14 days. But this is not a guarantee. We have multiple handmade items that take longer, and the order could arrive late because of the Covid pandemic. Even though the majority of the items arrive within 7-14 days, we ask to wait for 45 days maximum. If your order didn't arrive within 45 days, you simply get a full refund. We use tracking codes for shipping, so we can simply check the tracking code to see if your order did in fact not arrive and that way give you a complete refund.

- I have a suggestion!
Great! The Sissy Market is made for and by the sissy community. Every suggestion will be listened to and concidered! You can contact us via Twitter, Discord or E-mail at thesissymarket@hotmail.com

- Do i get new Onlyfans codes every time i buy something?
No. The codes are one time use only. You get the free subscriptions with any purchase and they will appear in your order confirmation mail but when you buy something else after that you will not get any new Onlyfans codes. You can only get this once.