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Are you looking to start your sissy training and are unsure what chastity device to buy?   Our beginner set is a must-have for the novice and advanced sissy. Cheap, reliable & tested by Joyce herself. Lock that clitty for the first time!
Size information : 

Total length (including ring) : 85mm / 3.35"
Inner diameter : 38mm / 1.5"

Comes with 4 different ring sizes that are all included!
Ring sizes (inner diameter) : 
47 mm / 1.6"
50 mm / 1.7"
52 mm / 2.1"
55 mm / 2.2"

What we like about The beginner sets : 

  • Budget friendly
  • The locking system is better than a regular padlock
  • Perfect for beginners
  • 4 different ring sizes included to make it a guaranteed fit
  • Comfortable
  • A curved ring provides more security and comfort


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