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The Sissy Market's review :

We really like the new version of Cellmate / Lockink 2 and it has improved a lot. However, we feel the technology isn't on point yet. This is the first product of its kind and the app is still very user unfriendly and badly translated from chinese. The electric shock function is a little bit underwhelming and if your penis is too small, it will not reach the shock part. 
We don't like selling products that feel unfinished or not on point. That is why we put up this little warning. Due to popular demand, we decided to make it available to you anyway! This cage is great if you are not on a budget and you want to try something new and different. We sell the Cellmate 2, but purchase at your own risk! 


The Cellmate 2 has been taken over by a different company called Lockink. They improved and updated the device and that was very much needed. 

The Cellmate is a chastity device that can be locked or unlocked with a phone via bluetooth connection. 

The Sissy and The keyholder both need to download the app on their phone. The App can be found on all the mainstream app stores.

The Sissy connects the chastity cage with their phone via Bluetooth. The sissy can Lock and Unlock their Cellmate with the app.

However, the sissy can also give away that permission to their keyholder. Giving them permission to lock or unlock the chastity device. This way, your keyholder can control your chastity device from anywhere in the world.

There are safety measures inside the app in case there are emergencies too.

Warning : The keyholder can not only lock or unlock your cage, she can also give you electric shocks via the app if you allow it! (This is safe)

The battery is rechargeable via USB.


There is only 1 ring size for the Cellmate. However, you can decide how tight the cage gets. You can lock the cellmate in any position (The cage can point forward, or point all the way down). Even tho there is only 1 ring, it truely will fit anyone.

WATERPROOF IPX7 (This means you can take a bath with the chastity cage)

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