Don't know what sissy toys to buy? Here is our advice!

Everyone can become a sexy sissy!

Transforming yourself into a sexy sissy is about knowledge. It doesn't matter how you look like now! It does not matter how old you are. With the right effort, toys, clothes and willpower you too can be transformed into a sexy sissy. We at the sissy market know what things you need to transform yourself! Don't know where to start? Don't know what sissy toys or clothes to buy? This little article should help you on your way! 

Step 1 : A chastity cage

As a sissy, you need to be locked up in chastity. Many Doms believe this is a must! They want control over that tiny thing between your legs and they want to keep you horny at all times! At The Sissy Market, we only sell sissy chastity cages that we believe are worth the price and quality. Of course, the higher your budget, the better the chastity cage will be for long term. Here are Sissy Joyce's favorite chastity cages for each budget range!

Step 2 : Panties

Panties are very important for sissies. Sissies belong in panties as much as possible. They feel soft and remind you during the day that you are secretly a little sissy! Lucky for you we have a wide range of sissy panties available! All our panties stretch out very far to make sure they fit almost everyone! 

Step 3 : A maids dress

A good sissy needs to do chores for their owner while wearing a maids dress. A sissy maid dress will make you feel very feminin and submissive. Specially if you are locked in chastity underneath that sissy dress. At The Sissy Market, we have a lot of different styles available. All our Maid dresses have a feminizing effect on your body and stretch out very far to make sure they will fit all sissies!

Step 4 : A good dildo

Since you will be locked in chastity, you will no longer be able to play with yourself! There is only one solutions! Start experimenting with anal toys! To enjoy anal, you will need to use the right tools for the job. 

And there we have it! Now you have all the basics you need to start your sissy journey! We hope this helped you out. Always be yourself. Much Love from The Sissy Market.


  • Jody

    Hello.. im transvestite boy from sl. I need to become as sissy joyse. Can anyone tell me about the process of that everything.
    Im waiting for your reply.

  • ozzy

    im just starting with this and experimenting this has been realy helpful

  • penny

    just to let you know sissies do read your tips and advice

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