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This is the wig Sissy Joyce wears. Sissy Joyce is famous, talented and accomplished on all things crossdressing / sissyfication. This wig is the best quality for all inspiring sissy's. It covers the forehead making anyone feel feminine and beautiful.  It's form and shape are designed especially to make it real. It's not a toy wig, it is a professional Sissy attribute.  Wigs made of real hair might be the only ones that are even more realistic, which is obviously extremely expensive. This wig will be your favourite for years - if you take care of it. Wash the wig monthly with lukewarm water and let it dry without extra heat. (Don't use a hair dryer). 

  • Beautiful Feminine wig, ideal for Crossdressing/Sissyfication
  • High Quality
  • Long Wig
  • Washable 
  • Anyone can enjoy this wig, even people who are not into Sissyfication or crossdressing


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