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World Cage - Bali - Chastity cage

The World cage is very simple to wear. It is designed for long and even permanent use and is equipped with a new inovative silicone anti-pullout shield that will make it impossible to escape. To compare it with other chastity cages that are made from cheap plastic, the worl cage is made from ABS-Synthetic, BPA-Free. Besides that the world cage comes with 5 rings so that it will be a guaranteed fit.

Cage length: 70 mm
Cage width: 32 mm
Five rings: 57 mm, 53 mm, 50 mm, 47 mm, 43 mm
4 pens: 15 mm, 13 mm, 10 mm, 7 mm

Included : 

  • 1 cage
  • 5 rings
  • 4 pens
  • 1 siliconeanti pull-out shield
  • 1 lockpad with 2 keys
  • 10 plastic locks for travel

How to use : 

1. Choose the most fitting ring. This can be a testing phase. If the ring is too tight, it can get uncomfortable. If it is too lose, it might not be as safe.

2. Open the ring and put it behind the testicles against the body.

3. Close the ring around your testicles.

4. Choose a pen and put this trough the ring.

5. Place the anti-pullout shield over the pen.

6. Place the cage over the penis and slide it over the pen.

7. Close the cage with a lock.

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