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This corset is perfect for sissies. It helps you create an hourglass shaped figure and to keep your posture straight. The pink ribbons on the top and bottom of the corset makes it look extremely feminin. It goes very well together with any pink chastity cage. Tip : Combine this corset with one of our tutus! Click HERE to see our tutus. We know that we need to provide larger sizes so we made sure to stock up all the way to 6XL! But we also have smaller sizes available for Goddesses who would also look irresistable in this corset.

Having troubles picking the correct size? Here is a tip from Sissy Joyce.
The only important measurement you need to know for sizes is your chest circumference. Once you know this, you can use this to always choose the correct size for any dress, top or corset! If you are not sure about 2 sizes, always choose the bigger one!

 Size Waist (Inches) Chest (Inches) Waist (Cm) Chest (Cm)
Small 24-26 29-31 61-66 73-79
Medium 26-28 31-33 66-71 79-84
Large 28-30 33-35 71-76 84-89
XLarge 30-32 35-37 76-81 89-94
2XLarge 32-34 37-39 81-86 94-99
3XLarge 34-36 39-41 86-91 99-104
4XLarge 36-38 41-43 91-96 104-109
5XLarge 38-40 43-45 96-101 109-114
6XLarge 40-42 45-47 101-106 114-119


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