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Rimba P-Cage - P-Cage PC05 - Penis Cage - Black

The P-Cage collection consists of different types of penis cages. This chastity cage is made of silicone, which ensures a comfortable fit and a long lifespan. A chastity device prevents the wearer from getting an erection. This chastity cage is made of soft silicone material, making it much more comfortable to wear than a hard plastic cage. This set consists of 3 rings in different sizes (25 - 30 - 40 mm), designed to be easily attached to the penis sheath with one of the straps. The sleeve has 3 bars and each ring has 3 notches, so it fits seamlessly with the bars of the penis sleeve.

To use the cage, insert the flaccid penis into the sleeve, also covering the glans, and place the ring at the base of the shaft. To secure the cage, use both the strap and the stopper, which must be inserted into the holes of the strap. A metal lock is included to secure the cage by inserting it through the hole in the stopper. As an alternative to the metal lock, 5 plastic numbered locks are included. These plastic locks are airport friendly as they do not pose any problems at security checkpoints, unlike the metal lock.