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Appointment : Solo Shopping Spree

We understand. Not everyone dares to visit The Sissy Market store when there are possibly others around. You can book an appointment to come and shop at our store by yourself during our closing times. Princess Diamonds, Princess Bully or Sissy Joyce (random) will be there to assist you.

You pay for this appointment ahead of time. But you receive it back as shopping credit during your appointment. For example : You book a Solo shopping spree session for 250 euros.
At the sissy market, you receive a 250 euro discount on your shopping spree.
(Any remaining amount will not be refunded)

Warning : 
You can cancel for free 1 week ahead of time.
You pay a 25% fee if you cancel less than a week ahead of time.
You pay a 50% fee if you cancel on the day itself or don't show up.

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