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Make Over + Photoshoot with Sissy Joyce

Let's do a photoshoot together! Sissy Joyce will transform you into a pretty sissy and then we can do an exciting photoshoot together. 

You have a few options when it comes to the photos :

- Private collection for yourself. Sissy Joyce will send you the photos, delete them so that you own them for your own private collection. 
- Sissy Joyce gives you permission to post them on Social Media & None commercial platforms. (Documents need to be signed with I.D.)
- You give Sissy Joyce permission and Sissy Joyce gives you permission to post them on Social Media & commercial platforms. (Documents need to be signed with I.D.)

Duration : 2-4 Hours.

You pay 399.95 euro for the appointment.
50% of the amount if for Sissy Joyce her time, make-up and transport costs.
50% you receive back as shopping credit on this day.
(This must be spend in the store itself during the appointment)

Warning : 
You can cancel for free 1 week ahead of time.
You pay a 25% fee if you cancel less than a week ahead of time.
You pay a 50% fee if you cancel on the day itself or don't show up.

What can you expect?

1. Introduction
Let's put on some music and relax.
Let's drink something and get to know eachother at our own pace.
You can ask any questions that you like.

2. Make-Up
Sissy Joyce will do your make-up and explain what she is doing. If you want, we can always try again and practice untill you can create the same look by yourself.

3. Chastity and Lingerie advice
Do you want to try on different chastity cages or lingerie, let's see what fits you best!

4. Clothes and dressing advice
Let's put on some dresses and/or costumes that go together with your style. Let's transform you into a sissy!

5. Wigs
Let's try any style of wig that you like!

6. Shoes & Accessories
Let's finish your look with some accessories!

7. Take your time
Do you like your new look? Did you learn a lot? Take your time to let it sink in.
Let's drink something.

8. Photoshoot time
Let's create some exciting pictures and videos together! Erotic posing is allowed.

9. Photo review time and closing time
Let's check the content we made together and have some laughs! After that, it is time to undress and say our goodbyes...