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This is the wig Sissy Joyce wears. (A famous person in the world of Crossdressing/Sissyfication). This wig has very good properties for these people. It covers the forhead and has a natural feminin form and shape that will make anyone look and feel very feminin. This wig is not a carnaval wig. This wig is high quality. The only better wigs that you can find are wigs made of real hair, but those costs a lot more. This wig stays good for years if you take care of it. Wash the wig monthly with water and let it dry without extra heat. (Don't use a hair dryer). 

  • Very Feminin wig ideal for Crossdressing/Sissyfication
  • High Quality
  • Long Wig
  • Washable 
  • For women also very nice

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