E-book : Sissy health & Fitness

E-book : Sissy health & Fitness

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Sissy Joyce shares her experiences about sissy mental health and fitness & diet.
In this E-book : 
- Mental health for sissies
- Sissy feminizing diet tips
- Sissy feminizing workout tips

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Who am I? And who am I NOT?
3) Why is this important?
4) Mental health
     4a) Accepting who you are
     4b) What happened when i was “exposed”?       
     4c) Am i actually transgender?
     4d) Be a selfish sissy 
     4e) There are solutions for every sissy problem
     4f) The best diet is a mental one
5) Achieving a feminine body
     5a) The principles
     5b) Feminizing foods
     5c) A feminizing smoothie for breakfast
     5d) Some inspiration for a feminizing diet
     5e) My personal diet & routine
6) Workouts
     6a) Bad sissy workouts
     6b) Good sissy workouts
7. Conclusion

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