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101 products

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Welcome to SissyMarket.com, your online store for sissy clothes and adult toys for sissies! We offer everything you need to embrace and celebrate your sissy lifestyle, from the most fantastic sissy maid outfits to beautiful princess corsets and sexy schoolgirl costumes. Below you'll find more tips and tricks to find the right sissy clothes for you!


The sexy sissy clothes that we sell on The Sissy Market are tested by other sissies and crossdressers. We don't sell bad products. We understand the strugles sissies face when it comes to shopping for female clothes! For example, we know it is diffcult to find the correct sizes. But don't worry. We made sure that all of our clothes stretch out a lot. They are made from very flexible fiber material to make sure they have a high chance of fitting you. We also keep special fashion choices in mind so that they have a feminizing look even on a masculine body type! If you are looking for high quality sissy clothes, you are at the right place!


Are you looking for a sissy costume or sissy dress and you don't know what size to choose? Don't worry. We understand. The Sissy Market is made by people like you! We have a very simple method to determine the correct size. 
Simply measure your chest circumference! That is the biggest part of your body and the place where sissy / feminin clothes are tight! Once you know your chest circumference, simply aply it to any size chart and you will then know your correct size. If your chest circumference falls between 2 sizes, always pick the bigger size!

Sissy Maid Costumes

Our sissy maid costumes are bestsellers. They are perfect for anyone who loves a classic sissy look. These sissy maid costumes are made from flexible fibers and features a unique feminizing design that ensures you look and feel fantastic. They are available in different styles, sizes and colors, so you can be sure to get the perfect fit.

Sissy Skirts and Shorts

We have a lot of different skirts and shorts available on the sissy market! Our skirts and shorts are very feminin and are designed to make you look and feel like a sexy sissy girl. Every sissy should own a couple sissy skirts and sissy shorts. They are available in different styles, sizes and colors too!

Sissy corsets and bodysuits

If you're looking to train your waist or just create an hourglass shaped look you might want to get a corset! Corsets are very good at creating a feminin look and an hourglass shaped figure! Corset training is part of every sissies training routine! Our bodysuits are more of the creative sissies who would like to try something different.

Complete your look with daring sissy clothing

Our extensive collection of sissy dresses, superhero costumes, cheerleader costumes, and more offers everything you need to complete your sissy wardrobe. From sexy and alluring pink dresses to sexy sissy schoolgirl costumes, our outfits are perfect for anyone who loves the sissy lifestyle.

Our sissy outfits are available in various sizes, styles, and colors, so you can always find something that suits you. We only use quality materials and ensure that our sissy clothing is comfortable and durable. We believe that everyone should be able to be themselves, and our sissy outfits help with that.