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56 products

Sissy costumes & dresses

Welcome to Sissy Market, the online store for sissies looking for sexy sissy costumes, dresses and more! Whether you're a beginner or have been in the scene for a while, we have exactly what you need to bring your sissy fantasies to life. 

What is so special about our clothes?

The sexy sissy clothes that we sell on The Sissy Market are tested by other sissies and crossdressers. We don't sell bad products. We understand the strugles sissies face when it comes to shopping for female clothes! For example, we know it is diffcult to find the correct sizes. But don't worry. We made sure that all of our clothes stretch out a lot. They are made from very flexible fiber material to make sure they have a high chance of fitting you. We also keep special fashion choices in mind so that they have a feminizing look even on a masculine body type! If you are looking for high quality sissy clothes, you are at the right place!

Sissy tip : How to find the correct size for you! 

Are you looking for a sissy costume or sissy dress and you don't know what size to choose? Don't worry. We understand. The Sissy Market is made by people like you! We have a very simple method to determine the correct size. 
Simply measure your chest circumference! That is the biggest part of your body and the place where sissy / feminin clothes are tight! Once you know your chest circumference, simply aply it to any size chart and you will then know your correct size. If your chest circumference falls between 2 sizes, always pick the bigger size!

Superhero Costumes, Sissy Maid costumes & more! 

We offer different sissy costumes and sissy dresses! Would you like to be a sissy bunny, a sissy superhero or a sissy maid? We have the costumes for you! They are all available in different sizes and different colors! But if we can recommend a color to you, it would be pink of course! All our sissy costumes and sissy dresses are made from high quality flexible fibers. Designed to stretch out and fit perfectly for crossdressers.

Why Choose Sissy Market?

The Sissy Market is run by real fulltime sissy slaves and the owners. For example Sissy Joyce and Princess Diamonds! We all have a lot of experience in sissyfication and know all the tips and tricks! We are known for great quality for an affordable price, excellent customer service, and fast delivery. We offer our customers a discreet and secure shopping experience.

In addition, we offer a wide range of accessories so you can complete your sissy outfit. For example : wigs, stockings, shoes, and jewelry. Everything you need to create the perfect sissy look can be found in our online store. Whether you're looking for a sexy schoolgirl costume, sissy cheerleader costume, or superhero costume, we have it all. Get ready to transform yourself into the sissy of your dreams!