Why chastity is important for sissies.

''It is disrespectfull to think you are allowed to mastrubate like a man!''

Chastity is very important for sissies. It reminds us our position in life. It keeps us feminin and in the right mindset. It makes us say ''Yes'' more easily. It makes cock look more attractive. It is just a must for every sissy! But there are so many chastity cages out there. Wich one should you pick? Here is my Top chastity cage for every budget.

My Mistress locked in me in chastity many years ago.

She didn't like the size of my.... and she demanded that I would wear a chastity cage. Slowly but surely she demanded more and more of me. I had to wear panties... Shave my body... buy a wig... she took some pictures.. and that is how my sissyfication started. It all started with chastity.

Sissy Joyce

The 5 Different stages of sissy chastity

Stage 1 : Disbelief. The Sissy thinks chastity will not have a big effect on them.
Stage 2 : Despration. The Sissy is turned on and cannot play with themselves. They will feel desperate and beg for the keys.
Stage 3 : Panic. Sissy cannot escape! Sissy cannot remove it! Now what?! Help?!?!
Stage 4 : Acceptance. No other choice but to accept it.
Stage 5 : Experimentation. Those dildos on the shelves start to look very attractive...

Sissy Joyce slut


  • jennifer

    HI .I have been on and off with chastity use. Sometimes i think i can go without chastity but I’m wrong. I have been bad lately so i have on enclosed curved steel one on now .That will fix that problem. Sometimes hard to control, some times you have to release.

  • Snezhana

    Cage gave huge effect for me: decrease me from 7.5 to 4.1 inches in 6 months

  • Samantha

    Just a sissy

  • Little Beta

    Im going to buy a chastity soon , how can i know which size must i have ?? For a beginner .
    Thanks a lot

  • Jemma

    I purchased my own cock cage now I need a mistress to hold the key and dominate me.

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