How to start your sissyfication

"Anyone can become a hot sissy slave, it is about knowledge and technique, not about genetics''

''Damn, I wish I could be that pretty!'' ... The truth is that you can!  Anyone can become a sexy sissy slave. Of course it requires some work and effort! But in the end it will all be worth it. If you are new to sissyfication, or you are just getting into it, there are a few key items that you need to get. A chastity cage, A maid outfit and panties. It all starts there! These 3 items are recommended by Sissy Joyce for starting sissies.

Sissy maid costumes

Every sissy owns a sissy maid costume. Wearing a maid costume instantly makes you feel feminin and submissive. The reason we recommend this specific maid costume to beginners is because this one is budget friendly but also has a hourglass shaped design. Meaning that even if you have a more masculine build, you will look feminin wearing this one. Another reason is because this maid costume stretches out a fair bit and comes in bigger sizes. Making it almost a guarantee fit for any aspiring sissy slave.

Sissy wearing a maid dress

The Beginner chastity cage set

Chastity cages are something very personal. Some sissies prefer to be locked up in a metal chastity cage, in a plastic one, in a black cage, pink cage, small cage, large cage... you get the point. The beginner chastity cage sets are great to start experimenting with chastity. They are fairly cheap and come with 4 different rings. They are made from a special hard plastic that turns soft and flexible when it is warmed up. This way, when you take a bath for example, your chastity cage will become flexible and take on a shape that is most comfortable for you. For this price, this chastity cage deffinatly performs. And it's one that we recommend to all beginnning sissies.

Sissy pantie kits

Wearing panties every day or atleast as much as possible will be a constant reminder that you are a sissy. We know that most panties are not comfortable or too small for sissies, because we have to pack a chastity cage in there. We at The Sissy Market, know struggles like these and that is why we only sell panties that are right for sissies. Our Sissy panties kits are available in 3 sizes. Small (5 panties) , Medium (10 panties) and Large (15 panties). They all come with a letter from Sissy Joyce encouraging you to wear them every day!

Sissyfication is a constant process. Over time, you will become more feminin and more submissive. The rabbit hole is very deep. We at The Sissy Market, sell sissy items that have been tested and aproved by experienced sissies. So that you don't have to waste money on bad products.


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