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57 products

Sissy butt plugs 

Sissy butt plugs are one of the most effective sex toys for sissies out there. Once you are wearing a buttplug, you will feel submissive no matter where you are! You will be reminded of who you truely are constantly! Atleast, if you get yourself a good buttplug. Here at sissymarket.com we only sell buttplugs that are effective for sissy training and are of great quality. You'll find a wide variety of butt plugs that will enhance your sissy life. Whether you're looking for a tail butt plug to fulfill your fantasy or creativity or a vibrating plug to increase your pleasure,we have them all!

Tail butt plug 

Tail butt plugs are a great way to be creative as a sissy. You can dress up as a bunny, fox, cat or any other cute pet! These tail butt plugs are perfect for completing your outfit and surprising your partner with a visually stunning and unique sex toy.  

Vibrating sissy butt plugs

If you're looking for extra stimulation, vibrating butt plugs are the perfect option. We have a wide variety of vibrating plugs to enjoy the extra pleasure. These vibrating plugs are perfect for giving you or your sissy partner the extra stimulation you desire. 

LED light butt plugs

LED light butt plugs are perfect for humiliating a sissy! Send them out the door in a miniskirt with a LED light butt plug in! Their skirt will light up! Our LED light butt plugs look beautiful and are of high quality. This sissy toys is also perfect for use in the dark if you're looking for an extra exciting experience. 

Professional service 

At sissymarket.com, we guarantee a professional service. We offer a wide range of sissy butt plugs of the best quality and at the best price. We guarantee safe and discreet delivery so you can use your butt plug without worry. Sissy Market is your first choice when looking for a good butt plug or any other sissy toys and clothes. Visit sissymarket.com today for a sissy butt plug that suits you.