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The Sissy Market Physical store is comming!!

Soon, sissies from all over the world will be welcome to visit The Sissy Market!
We want The Sissy market to become a safe place for everyone and all kinks. 

A place where you can try on clothes, shoes and even chastity cages! 
We believe adult stores didn't grow with their audiences in Belgium.
We will offer unique products and amazing experiences like Virtual Reality.

Update 1

We bought a building for our store! 
We will share pictures and the address once we have the keys.
We can already tell that the store will be located in the city Balen.
The date we will receive the keys to our building is 27 September.

Update 2

27 September is getting closer and closer.
It is time to think about organizing that big switch.
On 27-28 September, the first thing we will do is secure the place.
28-30 September we will clean everything.
1-7 October we will remove all things that needs to be removed and start painting the walls in the colors for the store.
7-14 October This is probably the time where we will transition from our current warehouse to our new store.
14-21 October Buying furniture, decorating the store.
21-28 October Perhaps we will need more time for finishing touches and unexpected work.

With this scedule...
It looks like our opening might be on 1 November 2023.
(It might be sooner or later, depending on how the work goes!)

We will continue to post updates on this page!