What chastity cage should you buy?

Our Chastity cage guide

A chastity cage is a device designed to restrict a person's ability to engage in sexual activity or self-stimulation. Whether you're exploring BDSM, Sissyfication, or simply looking for a way to add an element of control to your relationship, choosing the right chastity cage is essential. This guide will walk you through the key factors to consider when selecting a chastity cage on The Sissy Market that suits your needs and preferences.

1. What is the purpose of your chastity cage?

Are you a beginner and are you simply exploring the world of chastity? In that case we recommend to start with one of our cheapest chastity cages available. 

Are you ready for the next step and do you want to give the chastity keys away to your Owner? Perhaps then it is time to invest in a more expensive chastity cage.

For beginners we recommend to choose between The Sissy Trainers and The beginner chastity cage sets. These are great for exploring the kink but are not suitable for permanent wear. 

For dedicated chastity lovers, we recommend a highly customizable chastity cage like a Vice or Bon4.

If you are in between these 2 options, we recomment ‘’The Feminizer'' chastity cage sets. All versions are great options for chastity play.

2. What Size should i get?

Chastity is a very personal thing. What might be the perfect chastity cage for 1 person will be a very uncomfortable option for another person. It is impossible for us to tell you what chastity cage would be best for you. However, with the guidelines we have written in this blog, we can give you some general tips and rules that you can aply when getting a chastity cage. This will minimize the chance of a bad fit as best as possible. To find the correct size for your chastity cage, we recommend to stick to this very simple rule.

‘’Do I have a below average penis size?''
Choose for a Small or XSmall chastity cage
‘’Do I have an average penis size?''
Choose for a Medium chastity cage.
‘’Do I have an above average penis size?''
Choose for a large or XLarge chastity cage!

3. What Ring Size should I get?

Most of our chastity cages come with multiple rings. This is very useful because then you always have a ring that fits you best. The downside of Metal chastity cages is that they often come with only 1 ring size. This can be seen as a risk, if the ring is too big or too small, it will either be not secure or very uncomfortable to wear. We at The Sissy Market are the only store out there that sells chastity parts, including rings. So that you do not have to buy another entire chastity cage set again. If you are not sure what ring size to choose, you can use a measuring tape around your penis and balls to measure the circumference. Pick the ring closest to your size.

4. Do i Need anything else?

You don't need anything else! You can just get yourself a chastity cage and start to experience this special and fascinating kink. However we do have lots of chastity accessories that can make your chastity cage experience even better. For example we have a few cute locks and toys that work very well with chastity cages. One of our best sellers is our chastity strap belt. This is a belt with the purpose of keeping your chastity cage very tight to your body. This can increase the feeling of security and comfort. We even sell special chastity panties that are extra comfortable to wear!


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