Interview with Princess Diamonds, Owner of Sissy Joyce

Princess Diamonds is the girl that dominated her boyfriend and transformed him into the very famous sissy slave known as Sissy Joyce.

A sissy with her Mistress
From Sissy Joyce​​

''A sissy likes to lose control and I like to take control''

How did you 2 meet?

I met Joyce at work. Sissy Joyce was a new employe there and back then he was a cute guy. He approached me on social media and asked for a date. I said yes! I went to his appartment and we have a great evening. We slept together but when I started to play with him I discovered he was wearing a chastity cage. I saw a very tiny penis locked up in a chastity cage. This was a very big dissapointment. I told him that I wanted the keys. I never gave them back.

So Sissy Joyce is permanently locked up in chastity?

Correct. When I discovered that this boy had a tiny penis, I knew that I needed more. The only way I could have a relationship with him was that I had the keys and sexual freedom. 

What do you like the most about sissies?

I like to be in control. I like that they lock up their tiny dicks for me. I like that they submit to me. One of my favorite things is when my strap-on enters their sissy ****. I make sure to make eye contact at that very moment. They all look away. So submissive! So hot! 

I like to give sissies humiliating tasks and I love it when they complete them for me. I enjoy to feminize them. I enjoy to see the progress of their feminization. There are so many amazing moments that you can have with sissies. Like holding their hands when they take their first real cock.

Princess Diamonds, Mistress of Sissies

Are you looking for other sissy slaves?

Yes, I am looking for a 2nd sissy project. I want to create a new sissy pornstar. The next Sissy Joyce. Sissies who want to serve me can start by messaging me on Onlyfans and completing basic assignments for me. If they impress me, our relationship will grow and who knows, they might end up like Sissy Joyce. The only financial thing I ask for my time is to be subscribed to my onlyfans page.

What is the best way to approach you?

I think what I am about to say goes for many other Dom(mes) out there. We receive a lot of messages every day. In order for us to notice you, you need to be original and make the message you send us interesting. If you just send me a ''Hi how are you'' message, there is a bigger chance that I cannot answer, because I receive a lot of those. Introduce yourself properly. Another mistake I see a lot is to immediatly start the conversation with listing all the things you like. ''Hello my name is Sissy X, and I like this, and I like that.'' That isn't a good start. You need to be interested in what I like. You need to serve me. I don't need to serve you! Ha! 


  • Adam

    How do i tell my partner that i have not and sex with in ages. That i wont to go in chasisty. I already wear her underwear when she is not home. Love reading sissy joyce blog

  • Pinky

    I want to be your next sissy project!!!

  • Josh

    Interested in becoming a sissy just need to know how to serve you 6292106539 is my number I’ve always wanted to be a sissy slave but I never found someone who would make me one

  • Brandon Fisher

    Love your content u r super cutie got any panties or chastity I have never tried chastity small but always interested

  • Bria

    When I discovered sissy joyce , I discovered my calling. Was never able to put a finger on what I am and long to be until then . I would give anything to serve you in hopes of turning into the next sissy joyce clone . Thanks for your time ,yours , on sissy knees ,bria

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