How to make an appointment to Visit the sissy market and what to expect

The Sissy Market is not like other stores. Only 1 customer (or couple) is allowed inside at the time. That's why you will have to book an appointment. You will have the entire store for yourself. You can try out clothes, shoes, wigs and even chastity cages.

Princess DIamonds

"Sissyfication is real - Be carefull what you wish for''


The Sissy Market is located in Belgium in a small city called Turnhout. 
If you are from Belgium or the Netherlands, please visit the dutch version of our site here :

You can only make an appointment via our dutch website. When you scroll down on the homepage you will find 3 different options that you can choose from to make an appointment.

1) Shopping at The Sissy Market (1 hour) 
2) Shopping at The Sissy Market with Sissy Joyce (1 hour)
3) Shopping at The Sissy Market with Princess Diamonds (1 hour) 

Princess DIamonds
Sissy Joyce

Howmuch does it cost?

1) Shopping at The Sissy Market : FREE ($20 Deposit) Of course, visiting the store is free. But we do require a $20 deposit to book an appointment. When you pay for the toys after your appointment, you will get the $20 back as a discount. If you don't buy anything, you do not get the $20 back. 

Why? The store is very popular and a unique sissy store is high in demand. If we would not ask a $20 deposit, online jokers would just book 100's of appointments and not show up.  Ruining the fun for everyone.

2) Shopping with Sissy Joyce
This costs $75 and is not a deposit and cannot be refunded. Sissy Joyce will assist you in your shopping and help you pick out the right clothes and toys, give you sissy tips, tricks and ideas. After the session, you can take an exciting picture together with Joyce that you can keep and share as you please! 

3) Shopping with Princess Diamonds 
This costs $100 and is not a deposit and cannot be refunded. Princess Diamonds will assist you with your shopping spree. If you are submissive, she will help you try on some of our dresses, wigs, shoes and perhaps even chastity! 

Princess Diamonds
Sissy Joyce

What can you expect?

As soon as you arrive, you will be greeted by one of us. We will guide you upstairs, (that is where our store is) and leave you there all by yourself but not before we offer you something to drink! 

After 1 hour, or longer if you booked for multiple hours, you simply come back downstairs with the items that you like and that is it.

We want to provide a safe place, a judgment free zone for all Kinky people to enjoy.

We are very open to feedback and we want The Sissy Market to be a welcomming place for everyone.


  • Sissy Sofia Fox

    I would love to make an appointment. However I could really use some help in choosing and trying out a chastity cage, the one I got is not ideal and I’m looking to find a good one to wear long-term.

  • Sissy Freya

    hello there i am from belgium and really wanna visit your store could you give me some dates for a apointment

  • Sissy Milou

    I would like to make a appointement to have a visit at your store if thats possible, im 19 years old and im dutch, what are the available dates that i can come over

    Greetings sissy milou

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