5 Tips for beginner sissies

5 Tips

So you are a sissy just like me! But you don't know what to do next? Here are 5 tips that will help you on your way.

1. Invest in your own happyness

Every sissy craves a partner that supports them or leads them down the sissy rabbit hole. Sadly, most sissies don't have a partner to play with and seek guidance from amazing Mistresses or Masters  in return for their hard earned money. Don't get us wrong, a real Mistress or Master deserves to get spoiled and sexworkers deserve every little penny they earn. But always invest in your own happyness and sissyfication first. Being feminin can be very expensive but it brings so much happyness. Always put yourself first. Get the dress you like or the chastity cage you need first! 

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2. Make friends

Join our discord community or make some like minded friends! It is important to find more people who enjoy and support what you do! We created a discord for the community and it is one of the biggest there is!

Belgium & Netherlands discord : 

Worldwide discord : 

3. Panties forever

Sissies belong in panties! Throw away all your male underwear. Everything! Wearing soft panties during the day will be a constant reminder of your situation as a sissy! Finding the right panties size can be a nightmare, but not at the sissy market. We made sure all our panties are extra flexible and will fit almost everyone.

4. Don't be afraid of haters

There are negative people in this world. People that want to drag you down or dislike things you do. Don't let them win. What they crave the most is a reaction from you to their negativity. Don't satisfy their cravings. When you encounter people who don't want you to be your true self or don't want you to be happy, be strong and delete them out of your life. You don't need them.

5. Accept yourself

Not everybody wants to be a sissy fulltime, some sissies like to just be a slut in the weekends, some sissies don't like to shave! Everyone is different. You don't need to become a sissy pornstar. Enjoy the fetisj at your own pace and in your own way. Do you feel feminin today? That is fine! Do you feel masculine tomorow? That is also fine! Accept your feelings and yourself! 


  • BimboBambiJess

    ❤️❤️❤️ reading your blog updates Sissy Joyce. All great points which I will try to embrace 🤗

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