Chastity cage : "The Showerhead"

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This chastity cage is very closed, so theres no way to touch your locked clitty!
When opening or closing the lock, be carefull not to twist the key too hard as you could break it. Be gentle with it!

Size information : 

Total length (including ring) : 70mm / 2.76"
Inner diameter : 35mm / 1.37"

Ring sizes (inner diameter) : 
40 mm / 1.57"
45 mm / 1.77"
50 mm / 1.96"

What we like about The showerhead : 

  • Aclosed design is more comfortable and secure
  • Curved ring makes it extra secure and comfortable
  • The locking system is better than a regular padlock

What we dislike about The showerhead : 

  • The closed design isn't great for hygiene.

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