Powerful Magic Vibrato

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Powerful Magic Vibrato, the best sex toy to stimulate your sensitive parts. G-spot vibrators, suction vibrators, it is larger than a normal vibrator and easier to touch the G-spot, giving you strong sex. Suitable for pregame between couples, suitable for beginners, and the best gift for women. Less than 50 dB, does not interfere with sleep or work, and no one will be disturbed. It is 100% waterproof and can be washed directly. Easy to use in the bath or to enjoy real sex while bathing. Easily cleaned after use.

Charging is performed with USB adapters and USB interfaces. Simple and convenient, travel-friendly, lightweight size makes it perfect for any travel and business trip. Can be used remotely, suitable for couples that can be used anytime, anywhere.


  • The spot is easier to touch, giving you strong sex.
  • Multi-speed vibration, the best sex toy to stimulate your sensitive parts.
  • It is a larger vibrator than a normal vibrator and works by sucking in the air.


  • Color: white, black.
  • Material: silicone, ABS.
  • Power supply: USB rechargeable
  • Size: L 35cm x Dia 6cm (Huge Head)

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