Sissy princess bodyshaper

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This is a very feminin bodyshaper. Most bodyshapers and corsets are shoulderless. These super sexy ones are great to feminize your body! Not only do you get an hourglass figure, broader shoulders and upper arms are hidden. Making these hyper feminizing.

What we like about it :

  • Feminin design
  • Great bodyshaper 
  • Price/quality very good

What we dislike about it : 

  • No complains so far

 Size Waist
XLarge 75-80
2XLarge 80-85
3XLarge 85-90
4XLarge 90-95
5XLarge 95-100
6XLarge 100-105

 Size Waist
XLarge 29.5-31.4
2XLarge 31.4-33.4
3XLarge 33.4-35.4
4XLarge 35.4-37.4
5XLarge 37.4-39.3
6XLarge 39.3-41.3

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