Sissy Corset : ''The HouseMaid''

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This corset looks supercute and comes in very large sizes aswell! Has a very sexy sissy/goth style to it.

What we like about it :

  • Sexy feminin shape
  • Sissy/goth design

What we dislike about it :

  • The skirt isn't attached to the corset. It's 2 pieces. (Can also be seen as a positive thing)

 Size Waist
XLarge 75-80
2XLarge 80-85
3XLarge 85-90
4XLarge 90-95
5XLarge 95-100
6XLarge 100-105

 Size Waist
XLarge 29.5-31.4
2XLarge 31.4-33.4
3XLarge 33.4-35.4
4XLarge 35.4-37.4
5XLarge 37.4-39.3
6XLarge 39.3-41.3

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