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The Sissy Market breasts are tested and approved by famous sissies and crossdressers like Sissy joyce. These breasts are extremely realistic, but not only the breasts are special, also the neck and the upper part fits perfectly and even the bone structure is visible making these extremely realistic. These breasts also bounce up and down when you walk with them, giving them an extra realistic feel. 

1 Size : 
Our Sissy Market breasts fit for everybody. The material stretches our very far and is very comfortable to wear.

2 Colors : 
- Color 1 : Slightly lighter - Perfect for a white skin color
- Color 2 : Slightly darker - Still good for a white skin color, but just a little darker

2 Types : 
- Cotton : This means that the breasts are filled with cotton. This is cheaper than Silicone. The only downside compared to Silicone is that these breasts don't bounce up and down as hard compared to silicone. It is a small detail, but for some sissies an important detail and that is why we decided to offer both options.
- Silicone : Slightly better than cotton. But also more expensive. These breasts bounce more realistic compared to cotton. For some sissies this is worth the price difference, for other sissies it is not. Both options are amazing.

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