Sissy bath bomb with pheromones - Spicy

Sissy bath bomb with pheromones - Spicy

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Aromatic bath for a start.

Thinking about an extraordinary evening? Get ready with an aromatic bath. Additionally, you can add some extra pheromones and fantastic scent to it. You can be sure that you'll fly away. Straight into his arms!

Check all details:
- bath bomb enriched with pheromones
- pheromones emphasize female attractiveness, seduce, stimulate senses,
- scent version – Spicy – tempting, oriental-floral fragrance
- bath bomb contains natural, skin-conditioning oils – they give a feeling of nourishment and leave a protective film on the body
- how to use: unwrap the bath bomb and put it in the bathtub filled with warm water – voila, that's how you can prepare a very aromatic bath!
- size/weight: 100 g

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