Inflatable Remote Control Butt Plug

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The anal vibrator is made of medical silicone, which is soft and flexible. Its curved surface and flexible body are covered in a premium satin-finish silicone to ensure a smooth and comfortable grip. The P-point massager is equipped with 3 levels of vibration, 7 pulse modes, and powerful patterns that can bring you to real orgasms soon. Vibrations will stimulate your pelvis, uterus, prostate, and give you a new experience in anal and sexual stimulation.

The anal massager is designed with a G-shaped appearance to precisely hit the G-spot and P-spot for fantastic stimulation, and the anchor design at the bottom can perfectly fit the groin, and make sure that you can push and pull effortlessly. This butt plug can also massage the woman's vagina, stimulate the G-spot, let you feel other kinds of stimulation in sex.


  • Confidential delivery, no one will know except you.
  • Waterproof, soft material gives you a soft and smooth feeling.
  • Safe and environmentally friendly high-quality materials, caring for your sex and health.
  • It is filtered and compressed layer by layer, environmentally friendly and safe, you will know after use.


  • Material: silicone

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