Chastity cage : Rabbit hole

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The rabbit hole chastity cage is a great choice for a more comfortable and affordable chastity cage. The top part is less open compared to for example The Feminizer. This makes your skin stay in the cage. The open parts of the cage are more on the bottom or at the start of the cage. The rabbit hole is more comfortable if you have a lot of foreskin that pinches you. It comes with 4 different rings too!

What we like about The rabbit hole : 

  • 4 rings included, making it a guaranteed fit.
  • The design makes hygiene and longterm wear not a problem
  • The locking system is better than a regular padlock
  • Strong material able to take on any erection
  • Affordable price

What we dislike about The rabbit hole : 

  • Only 1 size cage

Cage measurements : 
Ring sizes : 40mm, 43mm, 44mm, 46mm
Cage length : 75mm
(See added picture for detailed measurements)