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Questions and answers : 

What can I expect?
Sissy Joyce, Princess Diamonds or Master T will be there to invite you in. They will guide you to our showroom and give you a little tour, offer you something to drink and leave you in our showroom all by yourself. Once you are finished, you can simply pay and leave. We want to offer a judgment free, safe place for sissies. Nobody is going to judge you, everyone is friendly here and there is no need to be nervous or feel ashamed. Be yourself! 

Can I bring a 2nd person or do I need to book twice?
You do not need to book twice. You can bring your friend(s) with you!

Why does this cost 10 euro?
Visiting our store is free. The 10 euro is a deposit fee. After your shopping spree in The Sissy Market, you will receive a 10 euro discount on your purchases.
The reason we do this is to prevent internet jokers from creating 100's of appointments and not show up. A little warning : If you don't showup or don't buy anything, the 10 euro deposit fee will not be refunded.

Where do I have to be?
The addres is : Duivendongenstraat 15 - 2300 Turnhout - Belgium.
As you can see at the second photo, there is enough parking room. The entrance is at the side of the building. There is a sticker ''Ts-Market'' underneath the doorbell.

Will Sissy Joyce be there?
We expect there will be customers who want to book appointments just to see Joyce. 
It is possible Sissy Joyce will be there but this is not guaranteed. Even if Joyce is there, it is possible she is not wearing a wig when she is working. If you really want to see Sissy Joyce, we recommend to book an appointment ''Shopping spree with Sissy Joyce'' instead.

What payment methods are available?
You can pay with bankcontact, cash or via the webshop.

What are the rules for testing chastity cages?
Hygiene is very important to us. We have 1 showroom model for each chastity cage, even the expensive ones. You can test them all. But we expect you to clean the chastity cages with our own special toycleaner after your shopping spree. (Exact details will be given at the store)

Can I come dressed as a sissy or slave?
Yes, but nudity is not allowed. 

Can I book multiple hours?
Of course you can. As many as you like.

Is discretion guaranteed?
Yes. Our reputation as new store is extremely important. Discretion is guaranteed just like in all other stores.

Safety note : 
Just like in other stores, we have security cameras outside and in the hallway. We don't have security cameras in the actual store. These cameras are for our own safety and against theft. 

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