Sissy cum cow onesie

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This sissy cow onesie is made from very soft fabric. It's very stretchy so theres a high chance it will fit you! It is very comfortable to wear and the back side can be opened for easy access! If you want to combine the onesie with some sissy cow accessoires, click HERE to check out our cow ears!


  • Flexible, soft, comfortable
  • Open back for easy access
  • Sissy cow design
  • Very stretchy, high chance it fits
  • Sissy Joyce is wearing size XLarge

 Size Chest Hips
Large 94cm / 37.01" 102cm / 40.16"
XLarge 98cm / 38.58" 106cm / 41.73"
XXLarge 102cm / 40.16" 110cm / 43.31"
XXXLarge 106cm 41.73" 114cm / 44.88"

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