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Lock your chastity keys into the keypod and give control over the keypod to your Master or Mistress. Only they can unlock the keypod via an app on their phone! 
Experience long distance keyholding with the keypod.

- QIUI Smart App-controlled
- Keeps a recorded log of all unlocking instances 
- 50mAH rechargeable battery 
- Pre-set unlock timer for manage
- Portable and can be brought around discreetly
- Keep up to 2 keys locked (Depending on the thickness of each key)


– The QIUI APP Control design makes a way for the pleasure of exchanging power and trust for kinky couples and BDSM enthusiasts over distances.  Lock up your sub in a chastity device or a pair of restraints and lock up the keys until they earn their freedom.

– The "+' button sets the Mode of Key Holding, and there are 4 Modes(Random, Manual, Referendum, Matching) Lock your lover in their chastity cage for a day and keep the key in QIUI Key Holder to tease and torment them! 

– This type of play reminds the submissive of the keyholders' power, but remember to set boundaries so both parties can enjoy the scene to its fullest.

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