Chastity cage : Mini lockdown

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his very modern chastity cage is made from very hard material and will only fit the smallest of sissy clits out there! The ring is shaped in a way that it is very comfortable and more difficult to pull out from. This cage is very secure and tiny for a great price.
This cage comes with 4 different rings to make sure it's a guaranteed fit for you!

Ring size diameters : 
36mm / 1.41"
40mm / 1.57"
45mm / 1.77"
50mm / 1.96"

What we like about the mini lockdown cage : 

  • Tiny but comfortable
  • Curved ring makes it extra secure and comfortable
  • The locking system is better than a regular padlock
  • 4 different rings for a guaranteed fit

What we dislike about the mini lockdown cage : 

  • No complains so far

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